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We have got the best Thai massage therapies who are here to take care and advise you for the programme that'll be best for you need.

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Traditional Thai massage £40/ hour

Unfold in the infinite of Thailand, this art was cultivated in monasteries and passed on by Buddhist monk. Introducing exclusively within our sanctuary, an art of ancient traditional, by force of pressure points, muscles and bending.

The spine is elongated and relieved of tension and the joint are stretched. The spence of well - being energy and flexibility afterward is extraordinary.

Our Thai therapies help by using palms, thumbs, elbows and knees along the meridian lines to remove any blocked energy so that circulation will flow freely leaving you in stillness and serenity.

Thai Aroma Oil £40/ hour

Experience Thai massage with aromatic Thai oils to detoxify and relieve all erratic muscles aches and pains.

This aroma oil massage clears and moisturises the skin, which cools the body temperature for a truly relaxing experience .

Reflexology ( foot massage )£30/ hour

A reflexology foot massage is highly recommended to aid relaxation and promote well - being by carefully vocalising points, with measured amounts of pressure and specially blended oils.

You will receive great benefits from relieve aches and pain throughout the whole body, which will leave you feeling relax and invigorated.